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Experience San Diego Destination 2040 is the City of San Diego’s first destination master plan. This 20-year plan lays out ambitious but attainable strategies to reimagine San Diego as a compelling destination, increase visitor spending, and improve the quality of life for all San Diegans. Our Declaration for Success is to reach $1.3 billion in Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) over the next five years (2018-2022) and $948 million per annum by 2040. The TOT is a tax on visitor hotel nights. It is these funds which produce a revenue stream that is used for infrastructure, street repair, parks, public safety, homeless services and the environment.

The Experience San Diego Destination 2040 master plan was spearheaded by the San Diego Tourism Marketing District and its board with input from more than 40 regional tourism and civic leaders and facilitated by a global management consulting firm. Following the plan’s development, a steering committee of tourism, business, government, education and civic leaders oversaw the plan’s activation to ensure a successful launch.

With $8 million in tourism marketing funding invested in promotional strategies to support the plan’s four pillars during its first two years, the steering committee and TMD in 2018 transitioned its ongoing implementation to the San Diego Tourism Authority.

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20-Year Destination Master Plan Whitepaper

20-Year Destination Master Plan Powerpoint


San Diego as a Compelling Destination

New leisure assets, expand meeting and convention tourism


Visitor Spending

Longer stays mean more visitor spending to benefit the local economy


Quality of Life for All San Diegans

Partner with organizations throughout the San Diego community to enhance quality of life